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We are the hub for Wisconsin's statewide Birth to 3 Program's professional development system, designed to be both informative and engaging. Join our community in supporting young children and families.

Our Focus

The Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program's professional development system strives to provide informative and engaging opportunities that support evidence-based practices implemented by a highly trained and qualified workforce which will lead to improved outcomes for children and their families.

Our Resource Library

Selected and developed with you in mind

It is important that the professional development materials that we create and select to include on this website are responsive to the needs of our Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program workforce. The resources you will find in this library are the most essential, useful and evidence based that we can find.

Nationally Developed Materials

Organizations around the country (like ECTA and DEC) have great resources for those working in the early intervention field. Our resource library includes links to the nationally developed materials that most closely align with the needs that our Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program workforce has identified.

Locally Developed Materials

The “homegrown” materials that you will find within the resource library have been developed in response to the questions and requests for support that our workforce has submitted. When new resources are developed, our research team thoroughly reviews them to be certain that the information shared is timely, accurate and well supported.


The RESource Professional Development Team is dedicated to providing experiences and events that will have a positive impact on your work with children and families in the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program. These opportunities will focus on both learning and building connections with your statewide early intervention colleagues. We hope that you find events that work for you, we always love to see you!

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Our 100 day journey has been designed to help you get comfortable and feel connected in our early intervention community.


We are here to support our professional development team in any way possible! Have questions? View our Your Questions Answered page.


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