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Support Wisconsin’s Birth to 3 Program children and families by participating in our CoPs: Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Educator, Leader, Service Coordinator, and Infant Mental Health.

Shared Learning

Each CoP session includes time to learn together. The learning topic is the same across CoP disciplines. One goal of the CoPs is to be certain that everyone working within the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program has the same foundational knowledge and understanding.

Connection to your statewide discipline specific peers

Every CoP includes a substantial amount of time for you and your peers to simply collaborate together. You can bring forward a question, share a difficult situation or celebrate an accomplishment. Working within early intervention is a unique experience, this is a chance to talk with people who understand.

Register for a Community of Practice

Click the link below to register for any of our discipline specific communities of practice. Registration is required, but always open.

Our Resources

EIWI Quick Selections


Supporting smooth, seamless transitions for children and families in the Birth to 3 Program.
EIWI Quick Selections

Service Coordination

Helpful resources for Service Coordinators as they support children and families in the Birth to 3 Program.
EIWI Quick Selections

OSEP Child Outcomes

Understanding the three global child outcomes adopted by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

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