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EI in WI Ambassadors

RESource is excited to work with our very first group of EI in WI Ambassadors. The goal of this collaboration is to enrich the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program and to help the PD team stay grounded in the experience of the county programs.

Our ambassadors all have the skills necessary to be champions of our program. They help by doing things like participating in panel presentations, providing shadowing opportunities, and reviewing new professional development materials. Take a moment to get to know our ambassadors below.

Ambassador Insights

We love to have our Ambassadors share their experience and knowledge with our entire workforce. We know that you can see yourselves in their words. With this in mind, we periodically ask our Ambassadors to respond to an open-ended question. We always learn and grow from their responses, and hope you do too! 

Click on each question below to view their insights.

Amanda Gauthier

Amanda Gauthier

Birth to 3 ECSE Teacher & SC since 2006

  • Humane Society BOD
  • Dog mom
  • Crazy cat lady
  • Bird watcher
  • Book reader (I have my library card number memorized!!)
Angela Contreras

Angela Contreras

Birth to 3 SC since 2014 SC Supervisor

  • Mom of a Hearing Impaired child
  • Passionate advocate for the DHH population
  • Bilingual in Spanish
  • Lover of family time, vacations, hosting parties, cooking and cleaning
Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen

Birth to 3 SC & Program Coordinator since 2018

  • Social Worker
  • Mom
  • True Crime Fan
  • Book lover
Colleen Woyach

Colleen Woyach

Birth to 3 SLP since 2021

  • Neurodiversity affirming
  • Lover of AAC
  • Musician – saxophone and piano
  • Advocate of creativity and play
  • Runner, Cyclist, Yogi
  • Nature lover
Dawn Crilly

Dawn Crilly

Birth to 3 SC & ECSE Teacher since 2009

  • Proud mom of 1 amazing boy!
  • Passionate about my family, camping/outdoor adventures
  • Love listening to books on the Libby App
  • Diamond Art

Ivy Anderson

Birth to 3 SLP since 2013

  • Mom
  • Love farm time
  • Yoga, coffee, nature
  • Enjoy supporting kids & families

Jacquelyn Seidler

Birth to 3 SLP since 2021

  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Capstone
  • Wife
  • Dog Mom
  • Fun Aunt (x11!)
  • Coffee, Books, & Taylor Swift

Karlie Hanke

Birth to 3 SC & ECSE since 2021

  • Getting married in 2024
  • Cat mom
  • Lover of reading, being outside, and playing tennis
  • Coffee and morning yoga are the best ways to start the day!

Kate Easton

Birth to 3 SC & ECSE since 1993

  • Trainer of new SC’s and Educators
  • Wife and parent of two adult children with special needs and a dog mom to my sweet Bella
  • Lover of being outside and adventures
  • True problem solver and creative fixer of things

Katie Randall

Birth to 3 SC & ECSE since 2010 now Program Coordinator

  • Boy mom
  • Lover of coffee and books
  • Family walks/chasing the boys

Kelli Humbert Schlegel

Birth to 3 SLP since 2014

  • Wife + mom of 2 
  • Active listener
  • Family + child advocate 
  • Coffee lover
  • Avid runner

Lisa Stangler

Birth to 3 OT since 2005

  • Mom of twins (& a singleton)
  • Avid reader
  • Weekend quilter

Maggie Dietrich

Birth to 3 PT since 2007

  • Infant (mental health) family specialist
  • Health equity in MKE
  • Health podcast evangelist
  • Natural mama

Meghan Fay

Birth to 3 SC & ECSE since 2006

  • Passionate about social engagement/connections between parents and children
  • Wife and Mama 
  • Books, Irish Setters, Exploring the Outdoors
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Michael De Vine

Birth to 3 SC and QA since 2016

  • Girl Dad
  • Loving Husband
  • Book lover
  • Entrepreneur
  • Dreamer
  • Lover of travel, coffee, & volleyball
Early Intervention in Wisconsin Favicon

Sarah Cegler

Birth to 3 SC/ECSE & Program Coordinator since 2000

  • Appreciate all families and watching them grow and learn together
  • Wife, Mom to 4 Busy Young Men
  • Naturalist, gardener

Naomi Spritka

Birth to 3 ECSE & SC since 2012

  • Educator for 28 years
  • Proud wife and mother
  • Family-focused
  • Book lover

Sara Hausser

Birth to 3 SLP since 2006

  • Love learning with families
  • Heart warrior Mom
  • Sports Mom
  • Live music enthusiast

Sarah Sobczak

Birth to 3 ECSE since 2014

  • Mom of 2
  • Loves to be outside
  • Dog lover
  • Compassionate
  • Runner

Suzy Larkin

Birth to 3 OT since 1994

  • Mom of 2 girls, 1 husband
  • Yoga enthusiast and teacher
  • Love my job
  • Traveler
  • Love nature and hiking

Wendy Hein

Birth to 3 ECSE & SC since 2001 Now Program Director

  • Groupie mom (son’s in a rock band)
  • Karaoke enthusiast
  • Lover of family time, Indian food, and inspiring others