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Evaluation Exploration

Fostering Collaboration and Effective Tool Use in the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program
Come participate in our interactive in-person event, specifically designed to enhance evaluation practices, support decision-making, and/or affirm existing processes. Engage in thought-provoking World Cafe discussions, where you’ll have the opportunity to share and collaborate with professionals from across the state. Delve into hands-on exploration of the DP-4 and DAYC-2 tools, and take advantage of networking opportunities and informal conversations.

Thank You…

Thank you to everyone who attended one of our three in-person events. Together, you represented 66 counties! Your presence and active engagement in these Evaluation Exploration events played a pivotal role in making them all a resounding success. We appreciate your dedication to enhancing professional skills and knowledge of quality evaluation practices, as well as your commitment to driving positive change in Wisconsin. We are confident that the valuable connections and insights that were shared among teams from various counties during these events will contribute to the advancement of evaluation practices in our state. We sincerely hope that the resources provided, including evaluation tool manuals and protocols, will prove to be valuable assets as you conduct effective evaluations for the betterment of children and families in your community.

Thanks again, and we hope to see everyone again soon!

Communities of Practice

An opportunity to learn and collaborate with your statewide colleagues
Please join us quarterly for our virtual CoPs designed to provide you with shared learning related to the foundations of Wisconsin’s Birth to 3 Program. This is also an exciting chance for you to collaborate with your discipline specific colleagues from around the state around topics and issues that you are experiencing out in the field. Registration is required (click on the links below). We hope to see you soon!

Physical Therapy
with Aryn Slack

05/16/2024 | 11-12:30PM

Occupational Therapy
with Jessica Weilier

05/23/24 | 9-10:30AM

Speech & Language Pathology
with Lana Edwards

05/15/24 | 1-2:30PM

with Rene' Forsythe

05/13/24 |1:30-3PM

Service Coordinators
with Melissa Velez

05/09/24 | 8:30-10AM

with Becky Hoffman

05/23/24 | 9-10:30AM

Infant Mental Health
with Kathy Boisvert

05/22/24 | 9-10:30AM

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