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Approved Tool List and Related Materials

Approved Tool List: Document sharing the background, process, and list of tools reviewed by the Research to Practice Project (R2PP) as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for PD reimagine in the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program. Includes Approved Tool List spreadsheet. 

Approved Tool List Process (video)

Approved Tool List:  Frequently Asked Questions (pdf): A compilation of questions/answers that were gathered from the Birth to 3 Program workforce in response to the release of the Approved Tool List and accompanying materials in April and May of 2023.

Approved Tool List FAQ (video)

Comparison Chart: DP-4 and DAYC-2 (pdf): This resource was created to help teams explore the selected evaluation tools in order to make an informed decision. It includes a comparison chart of key factors of each tool, adapted from the tool manuals.

DP-4 & DAYC-2 Scoring Guide: This scoring guide was developed to address scoring questions related to the DP-4 and DAYC-2, noting key differences in administration, scoring rules, and considerations. 

Evaluation Exploration Resources (pdf): A comprehensive document containing links to all of the resources used during the October 2023 Evaluation Exploration events. This document aims to serve as a convenient resource for you as you continue to explore your practices, evaluation tools, and plans for implementation or enhancement.

Navigating Birth to 3 Program Evaluation and Assessment: Frequently Asked QuestionsYour questions answered about evaluation and assessment in the Birth to 3 Program! Topics were gathered during discussion and exploration at the Evaluation Exploration events in 2023 and during Leadership Forums in January of 2024.

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Supporting smooth, seamless transitions for children and families in the Birth to 3 Program.
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Service Coordination

Helpful resources for Service Coordinators as they support children and families in the Birth to 3 Program.
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OSEP Child Outcomes

Understanding the three global child outcomes adopted by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)